China’s Cross-Border E-Commerce: Growth But Challenges Ahead

来源: CHINA FOREX 2019 Issue 4 作者:Li Yi
China’s cross-border e-commerce has seen the emergence of new business modes in recent years

China’s cross-border e-commerce has seen the emergence of new business modes in recent years and some of the surprising new trends reflect the integration of new-generation information technology. But fresh domestic and external challenges have also emerged for China’s e-commerce sector,and how the sector responds has become a market focus. This article assesses the changing trends of China’s cross-border e-commerce and offers some suggestions on the path forward.

Since 2015 China’s retail e-commerce imports and exports have grown by leaps and bounds. Combined imports and exports cleared by the General Administration of Customs on its e-commerce platform climbed to 134.7 billion yuan in 2018 from 36.02 billion yuan in 2015,with an average annual growth rate of 55.22% over the period.

The rise in retail e-commerce exports has partly been due to the nation’s “go global” strategy,which encourages domestic companies to venture out into the international market. In 2018,China's exports cleared through the same cross-border e-commerce platform amounted to 56.12 billion yuan,up 67% from the year before. The top five export items were hand tools,bags,imitation jewelry,clothing and communication equipment,but outdoor gear,automotive accessories and toys have accounted for an increasing share of the total. Additionally,the number of branded products has been growing.

While exports have grown rapidly in recent years,imports still account for more than 55% of China’s e-commerce foreign trade. In 2018,imports cleared through the Customs e-commerce platform totaled 78 billion yuan,up 39.8% year on year. The top five imports were cosmetics,dairy products,sanitary products,hair care products,and suitcases and handbags. Moreover,as a result of the improvement in living standards in China,medium and high-end commodities have been particularly in demand.

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