《CHINA FOREX》2017年第2期封面暨目录

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目 录



Editor's Note


14  Globalization is a One-way Street



Macro Economy


16  A Fresh Opportunity for Renminbi Internationalization


18  Interest Rates and Shrinking the Fed Balance Sheet


22  Deflecting Sino-US Trade Friction


26  Have China's Property Prices Reached a Turning Point?



 Foreign Exchange Administration


30  Balancing Reform and Regulation - Improving Compliance and Verification


34  New Standards for the Foreign Exchange Market



 Central Topic

40  A Banker's View of the 'Belt and Road' Initiative


45  An Industry View of the 'Belt and Road' Initiative


49  The 'Belt and Road' Renminbi




52  Policy Talking Points: on the Chinese Economy





54  Regulatory Compliance in Cross-border Renminbi Trade


58  The Need for Vigilance in the Face of Liquidity Risks


60  Bank Guarantees and 'Extend or Pay' Requests