《CHINA FOREX》 2019 Issue 4

December 01, 2019 Published

Central Topic
Editors Note
Macro Economy
  • Global Economic Outlook: Mild Recession or Weak Recovery

    As the new year approaches there are many concerns about the prospects for the global economy after a difficult year. There has been no obvious bright spot in the global economic performance. Instead,

  • Roundtable Discussion on China’s Economy

    On October 1,China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Over the course of 2019,the country made steady progress in its economic development despi

  • Implications of the Funding Crunch

    [Gao Zhanjun]

    In June 2013,there was a rare “money shortage” in China’s financial market: the repo rate reached a record high of 30%,bond issues failed and yields rose sharply. Massive fund rede

  • From “Made in China” to “Chinese Assets”

    [Xie Yaxuan]

    The Sino-US trade dispute has proved once again the importance of the “Made in China” label.  Being at the center of global manufacturing,China is not only providing manufactured goo

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